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Tailor Made
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Offset Costs by
Selling Ad Space

Speedy Delivery
& Reporting

Data Storage and

Fully SARS


Call centre and
Client interface

In-touch SMS

Incredibly Cost Effective

No Paper. No Envelopes. No Postage. No Problem.

With cost being a major consideration for your business, there simply is no cheaper option than a digital solution. Without stationery, printing and postage costs we can get your bills to your customer base at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

Speed of Delivery & Reporting

From your outbox straight into their inbox. With delivery and read receipts!

Shift your delivery time from days into mere minutes! With a simple click of a button, we can aggregate your accounts, generate the necessary e-document, and generate a single mail shot for all your customers. On top of this, we can tell you who got their mail and when and whether they opened it or not! Billit can also notify customers via SMS when their bill has been sent.

Environmentally Friendly

No Paper. No Inks. No Petrol. No Footprint.

It's time to join the 'green' revolution. Did you know that the carbon footprint of a single email is virtually nil. On the other hand, printing and distribution consumes an enormous amount of resources, that will continue to damage our environment for years to come.


Offset Costs by Selling Ad Space

Someone else wants to speak to your clients too!

Just one more way we are able to help our customers reduce their billing costs is to utilise any free space within their statements as advertising space. It’s so simple. We’ll find another business that wants to connect with your consumers and make up appropriate banners to go into your e-docs. We then pass on what they’ve paid for that space onto you in the form of a discount!

Tailor Made for Your Business

Our proprietary software can be configured to meet your every need

We have an in-house development team that creates and manages all our software. From integrating into your digital systems, to customising every aspect of the software to your business needs, we are able to do it all. We’re also a division of CAB Holdings, so you know we’re committed to the same levels of service excellence.

Data storage and controls

Long term storage of up to six months

We have a full database and data storage toolset for you to choose from. Depending on how you want your database to function, as well as what permissions and options you need to offer your customers, we’ll structure your management tools around your needs. We can also store anything from a single set of statements up to six months’ worth, for both you and your account holders to access.

Call Centre & Client Interface

Clients have the option of calling in or managing their statements online!

The Billit system utilises
a flexible web-based interface to service
both your business and its clientele from creating
an interface around the look and feel of your
business’ logo and identity, to structuring the
user experience into a simple, seamless
process. The Billit / CAB Holdings Customer
Service Centre is also available at all
times to help you or your clients with
any queries or issues.

Fully SARS Compliant

Implemented strictly to legal standards

As a division of CAB Holdings (Pty) Ltd., Billit and all its services are VAT registered and 100% SARS compliant. As stipulated by law, individual statements are encrypted and are exact copies of their printed versions.

In-touch SMS

Simple, effective and fast client communication.

Billit can also SMS
notifications and reminders to your
database. From letting your customers
know when their accounts are available
online or have been sent via email, to sending outstanding payment reminders
and more.


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